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I've sent off Tuesday's notes to my classmate who had to leave early, finally. Now I'm too tired to do the paper I'm supposed to write. *mild grumble* Ah, well, at least I can start the research for it, I think. I've decided that if I'm going to have to write about behaviouralist stuff that I despise, I can at least have it be about something cool, like werewolves, too. ;-D Tried to call mature, but she's not home from work yet. Talked with my father about the dental bill, and as expected, he was less than thrilled with how expensive the root canal next week is going to be, due to insufficient income coming in on his end. I wish I could find a way to get some donations in to help with all this medical crud. I've got an application in to MassHealth, but we're not due to hear from them 'till the beginning of October, at the earliest. *grumble*

Ayup. I'm that innocent. *giggles*


?? Which Natural Wonder Or Disaster Are You ??
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You're like a Unicorn!

?? Which Mythical Creature Are You ??
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That's beautiful!

You are a rapier! You"re fast and very sharp.
your only weakness is that in certain
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interesting....I never thought of myself as one of those...

That's enough of playing with that for now...back to schoolwork. *ugh* Anyone bored, they can give me a call. ;-)

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