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What? Me? Babble too much?

Well, yes, today. ;-D I finished the rough draft of the paper applying behavior theory for my psych of motivation class. We'll see how it looks tomorrow, although at the moment, I think I spent too much time setting up the situation, and not nearly enough of it on the theory....but maybe I'm supposed to do that? I don't know. Feeling a bit insecure about my academic skills today. :P On the other hand, it's done and can be edited later this weekend, and printed out once we figure out what's up with our printer. (Jeremy thinks it's needing more, I just know we need more paper for it badly.) I think I might putter around on the quiz sites for a bit 'till Jeremy gets home from Magic:The Annoyance. I'm not sure that I'll stay awake if I'm just playing videogames or reading at this point. Anyone have any fun stories to tell me tonight? ;-)

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