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Totally random stuff.

Wow! I did it! I actually LEFT the house today. Woo. ;-D Many thanks to juliansinger for the wonderful, if far too brief, time out of the house. We WILL do this again. :-) I finished the final draft of the paper due Tuesday night tonight. Still not happy with it, not sure what else I can do to help it, though. :P I tucked in as much as I could. Might go through it one more time if I get to school early enough tomorrow to retype it, otherwise I'll say the heck with it. I think part of my problem is that I really do despise behaviourist theory, as I think I've probably mentioned before. Probably too often. *wry laugh* But that's okay, after Tuesday night that segment will be over for the semester. (at least, until the final!) For some random reason tonight my feet and ankles are really hurting. I think it's just the socks I wore today....and hopefully tomorrow will be better, since I've got much longer to walk to get to classes. Found the wallet I thought I'd lost...I'd put it into my rolling backpack for safekeeping so it wouldn't fall out of my pocket. *heh* This is good, means I can put gas in the car on my way to school. Hopefully I'll make it out Wed. night to be social. I need to do it more often, and since I'm having the root canal on Thursday, I'd better do it quickly! *chuckles* HASH(0x86ab608)

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