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Caffeinne is EVIL

I needed to drink a small amount tonight to stay awake through class and be able to drive home safely. Unfortunately, I think I drank too much, since I'm still awake and it's nearly 5am. *ugh* Ah, well, at least I have a good novel to read, and someone ELSE can do the driving later today when my father comes up for the errands the 3 of us have to get done together. In other things, I handed in my paper tonight...not sure how it did, but I think that I needed to have spent a wee bit more time on it. Although I got some stuff right, overall, I'm less than thrilled. But then, it was the first paper of the semester, and I know that other folks didn't do as well or as poorly as I did, so I figure overall we're all going to rate around average. Unhappy with myself, but really not in a bad way, just enough to make my next effort stronger rather than to paralyze me completely. Good enough progress by my standards. ;-D Next time I take notes about classical conditioning I won't be as cocky and think I'll remember it all...I'll take the damn notes and suffer, goshdarnit. How I hate learning experiences. *giggle* Only one more day until my root canal...I'm getting kinda scared. :P

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