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Well, the medicine the endontist suggested I use gave me...internal issues, so I'm still waiting for my dentist to call me back. (apparently he's having problems with verizon and/or his pager) If I can stay awake a few more minutes I can probably telephone him. Have not slept well all weekend. :P Another minor rant to the psychiatrist's office who's decided that I'm not a patient there all of a sudden. This means I'm out of my main antidepressant, which sucks. They too will be getting a telephone call from me this morning before I go to bed. Then somehow I get to wake up early to get to the chiropractor and get my aching back worked on. Good news is, well, the plant, whatever it is, seems to be doing okay in our window. :-) We have chocolate. We've signed the reply card for my friend Mitch's wedding, and it looks ready to go.:-D Looking for: Anyone have Two Nice Girl CD's that I could have or borrow or that you could copy for me? I can't get "Princess of Power" out of my head, but can't remember all the lyrics and it's driving me nuts! Also just randomly craving more music...anything to make studying Freud easier! ;-D

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