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Random silly things....and a thought or two.

Well, I managed to get through Election day without going to the hospital. This is an Excellent Thing considering last year's events... and this year's crazy/depressing ones. I've been feeling very down lately, but I seem to be heading towards the better side of my self, so thanks to you who've put up with me lately. *wry grin* Still feeling a bit lonely and not too willing to leave the house, but I'm working on it.

Went to a wedding last Saturday of an old Clark University friend. It was major fun, except I think I danced too much, my left ankle is cranky as hell at me.

Hrm. And, in other news, naturally my sister's now attempting to give me grief about wanting xmas at my dad's house this year. She backed off JUST in time, thankfully. But it's got me leery...and not looking forward to the holidays. :P

I'm only *slightly* mad...

i have issues. but i also recognise this fact and do what i can to resolve those issues. i may have spent a long time letting those issues control me, but now i'm ready to take the upper hand and wonder about the world around me. i'm getting to be well-balanced, but i'm not quite there yet.

how mad are you?

this quiz was made by piksy

Cb major - life is full of complecations,
commitments and organisation. You love to make
sure everything is just perfect, but sometimes
this can cause you to fall over your own feet.
A slightly unsociable key: why Cb major when
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what key signature are you?
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The Three Happy Things meme...
1) Various stuffed dinosaurs all around Jeremy's desk. Especially Bix, from Dinotopia. *hugs Bix*
2)The Pooh and Piglet "Come on, little flower, you can do it." picture I colored a bit ago.
3)piece of paper for the 2nd half of the intake appointment at a local shrink's office. (finally!)

The Information Modules meme
1)Languages, esp. Spanish, Portugese, ASL, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese....&cetera.

2)related to languages, mathematical skill...any amount would be nice, dammit.

3)Budgeting money module

4)Organization/Budgeting Time module

5)fine and gross motor skills sufficent to have a respectable skillset for some manner of sport/exercise.

6)Musical Instrument Module...I'd like to at LEAST be able to play guitar without getting laughed at.

7)the knowledge&ability to digest food correctly, and like at least some of the things that are good for me.
8)Able to find my way from anywhere to anywhere without having to look it up. Associated with this would be the skill to know how long it'll take.

9)Better singing ability, along with more accurate pitch and volume control.

10)Much better eyesight.

Alphabet Meme
Artistic talent?: None that I know of. Occasional vents of poetry is about it.

Birthplace:Worcester, MA.

Career Aspirations at Age 6?: Hrm. Don't remember. Probably either a detective or an archeologist. Probably a mommy too, though, somewhere in there...

Dreams, Reoccurring: hrm. Can't say as I've had one in a while that I can remember. But I do still occasionally wake up screaming/crying.

Fabrics and Materials, Favorite to wear on body: Silk, hemp, leather. (all those delightful things I can't afford.;-)

Gym, work out at one?: Hell no! yeah, maybe someday once they've finished building the new Y in Malden. I need to be able to get to both the pool and the weight room without going up huge amounts of stairs.

Happy Memory: Recent one, my friend Mitch's wedding. Even though I felt less than stellar, I had an absolute blast with old friends and made new ones, and played with little kids a bit too.

Introvert or extrovert?: Yes. I'm an introvert, but was trained from a young age to be an extrovert, whether I wanted to do/be one or not. :P

Jewelry/Trinkets Worn Regularly: Well, I used to wear my pentacle around my neck everywhere I went before my car accident. Now I just wear a ring on my left hand that J'r bought for me when we were in Chicago many years ago, shortly after we started dating, and a stegosaurus ring on my right hand that I bought two Arisias ago for $5. ;-) Occasionally Hello Kitty earrings. My glasses. could be considered standard trinkets I suppose...:P*wry grin*

Killer App, Favorite: hrm. Claris Works/AppleWorks. Master of Orion 3, Civ 3, iTunes, Safari.

Latest Book Read: Parts of "A Primer of Jungian Psychology". (I've gotta get more things to read!

Medications (Rx) taken regularly:Protonix (for GERD) two antidepressants, random occasional pain pills.

Nickname(s), current: Badger, Thorazine, Savil, Sabra (Old, but amusing: Tarantula)

Operating System of Choice (for desktop): MacOSX.3, for the most part.

Pets, current: None. Hope to get a chinchilla someday.

Queer?: Hells yeah, Ever since I came out to myself when I was 21. :-)

Role Models, current: Lots of them, but can't think of 'em at the moment.

Sleepwear, typical: t-shirt and sweatpants, for the most part. I've lived in way too many dorms to not keep everything covered in case of fire alarm. :P

Transmissions Preferred (Standard or Automatic): Automatic, although if I had coordination, I'd go both ways. So to speak!

University Degree(s): None yet. Psych Major since 1985. Will graduate...sometime hopefully soon, dangit!

Virginity, age lost at: 18, with a male, at least. ;-D

Weather, favorite: Cool but not too cold, warm but not too warm. Spring and fall weather, sorta. No wet.

X-SO's you're on speaking terms with, numbers/percentage of:somewhere around 70-90%, depending.

Yard/Rummage Sales, do you go?: I would if they were at civilized hours of the day, and I had money!

Zen Moments: Driving in my car singing along with various filk CD's. :-)


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