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This one is Just Too Cute!!! My apologies for not having posted anything with much substance to it lately, I've been very depressed and out of sorts. OTOH, at least I've gotten some medical stuff taken care of today, so that hopefully in the next few days everything will stabilize even further, until the next bit of my life explodes or implodes. *wry grin* I missed the eclipse and the convergence and all that completley this weekend, was just too busy trying to be a marginally social creature here at my house. I hope to get back to going to the occasional party again soon, though. :P In other news, I got both a flu shot and a Depo-Provera (birth control) shot today. The former is just a Good Idea given how often I get sinus infections to start with...the latter, well, it is making me very very woozy and disorientated. Got some other meds from the doc, so hopefully I'll be healthy in time for the nasty holiday season to begin. (Not nasty 'cuz it's nasty, just nasty 'cuz I have to deal with my relatives nasty...) Oh, and an amusing note, the scale at the doctor's office seems to be off. I have to check it again, 'cuz it seems to think that I lost 30+lbs. Seeing as I just went UP a pants size, I have to wonder about that. OTOH, it could just be that the pants were poorly sized, which I've run into more than once, sadly. :P But then I don't know WHY my weight bothers people. *grumble* Menolly
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