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Astrology Dating Meme thingie

Well, this looks silly, so I thought I'd play with it... Bear in mind that there's more than usual here, I was born cusp Aquarius/Pisces. At least, according to some folks and charts.... I simply bolded the parts I see as being myself-ish, or that which I think I am deeply underneath. It may work, it may not. Who knows? But it's a fun meme anyway. :-) Aquarius Dating Guide  Here are some things you can do with Aquarius to ensure a successful date. Go snowboarding together, play a virtual-reality game, go to the zoo, go to a political rally, go to a conference, take a midnight hike in the forest, go skinny dipping, cook sushi together, go to an interactive art exhibit, go skydiving, go camping, take a yoga class together, go rock-climbing indoor or outdoor, go for dinner at a really foreign food place, go parasailing, fly a kite together, go to an air show  You & Your Aquarius  Do's  Become comfortable talking about a wide variety of different topics. Your Aquarius will have something to add on every topic, and they will surprise and delight you with their eclectic mind. Surprise your Aquarius -- give them a genuine Venus Flytrap, a hypnotic 3-D poster or a hand-woven Guatemalan sweater. Your Aquarius loves surprises -- the more original, the better. Keep yourself at a safe distance emotionally, at least at first. Aquarius is a detached Sign in some ways, and Aquarians need space to be happy. Appreciate your Aquarian's devotion to special causes and ideals. They will show you the value of making the world a more advanced and creative place. Become intimate with your the mind of your Aquarius before their body. They will captivate you mentally and intrigue you completely.  Don'ts  Don't be too exacting -- if you demand punctuality or total dependability, you're in for some frustrating times. Aquarians act according to whim and are often in their own world. Never demand a serious relationship early on -- and never try to be the only thing in your Aquarius' universe. They need space to explore, and time to devote to the world at large. Forget trying to change the Water Bearer's mind, even if you don't agree with your Aquarius' viewpoints on some issues. Your Aquarius will probably have some deep-seated and intractable beliefs about the way the world should work. Try not to lure an Aquarius into your arms when their mind is elsewhere. They may turn down the invitation. Worse, they might not even notice that you gave it. Avoid trying to influence this Sign's fashion sense. It may be wild, tropical or totally inappropriate, but Aquarians like to dress differently from the crowd.  Pisces Dating Guide  Here are some things you can do with Pisces to ensure a successful date. Bring them to a book or poetry reading, go to the theater, go to a movie, spend a day at the zoo, go swimming, go to a drive-in movie, play pool in a bar, go to the museum, take them to the opera, go to a cafe for coffee, go to an aquarium, go sailing together, go wine tasting, go to an aquarium, go for a walk in a Japanese garden, go whale-watching, go ice-skating  You & Your Pisces  Do's  Learn to let tragic movies or dramatic pieces of music bring a tear to your eye. Your Pisces will appreciate your sensitivity -- and will kiss your tears away. Get in touch with your compassion and inner love for every being in the universe. Your Pisces can help you to empathize with all the forces out there, and help you understand why they deserve your love. Learn how to communicate a thousand expressions of love -- all without saying a word. Your Pisces will be able to read your soul by looking into your eyes. Be a good support to your Pisces; learn how to ground them without dragging them too far down to earth. Your Pisces will teach you how to notice shooting stars and pictures in the clouds. Think of ways to show your Pisces that a true love story of the classic variety can exist between the two of you today. They will, in turn, show you how this love story can last forever. Enjoy good art and fine wine -- your Pisces will love you for it.  Don'ts  Don't rely on your Pisces to be the financially astute one in the relationship. A Pisces would often rather leave financial matters up to others; their mind is in a different place. Don't reproach a Pisces too harshly for being a daydreamer instead of a doer. The Fish are known for being in tune with the spiritual, not the material. Never knock old-fashioned, hearts-and-flowers true love. Pisces believe that it exists, and are not going to be satisfied with a casual affair instead. Be careful not to step on your Pisces by accident; you may injure their feelings without even noticing. A Pisces might not yell or throw things when they get hurt, but they feel it very deeply all the same. Never treat your Pisces too casually; don't toy with them or let them see you play the field. A Pisces does not like this behavior, as it goes against their ideas about true love and spiritual connection. Do not subjugate their artistic impulses -- this is a truly creative Sign, and you may be standing in the way of their happiness and a fine piece of art. ..another cheerful-happy day and night of leg pain. Hoping I can just get away with a regular NSAID tonight, so that I can have a functioning brain cell tomorrow to do my homework and other stuff with.

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