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Playing with quizzes... You are Kanga.
In your circle of friends you are the one who likes
to keep an eye out for all the others. Always
there with advice or encouragement, you are
dependable and kind. If you're not a parent already, you'll make a great
one when the time comes.

Which Pooh character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla This one just came out...interestingly... hedwig and the angry inch
Your romance is more of a love that needs to bloom
within, just like Hedwig of Hedwig and the
Angry Inch. The film features an East German
transsexual who is seeking her "other
half" after constant betrayal. You must
love yourself before you can need another.
You're starting to realize this, along with the
fact that you don't need a significant other to
be a complete person. Your "other
half" has been inside you all along.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
brought to you by Quizilla 1. What foods really make it "Thanksgiving" to you? Turkey, stuffing (lots with spices), cranberry sauce, mashed potato or rice or something of that ilk. Carrots, maybe? 2. If there is one thing that you MUST have on the table at Thanksgiving, what is it? Turkey with stuffing in it. I'm soooo boring. 3. What "traditional" American Thanksgiving food do you absolutely abhor and refuse to eat? (Can include more than one dish) Please explain why it is the ultimate in squicktasticness. Any kind of peas or beans...also most kinds of squash. I guess I'm just a semi-vegitarian who hates vegetables. :-) 4. Pie! Apple or Pumpkin? Real whipped cream or Cool Whip? Pecan, actually, with real and/or vanilla ice cream. 5. What activity do you like to do on Thanksgiving Day? Spending time with Jeremy's family on the day itself. Watching the parade if I'm awake... At a random day later in the week/weekend spend time with the biofamily units. 6. What are you dreading about this Thanksgiving Day? People asking us why we're not employed. Dealing with my bossy sister. Changeling
Changeling: You are one of the forgotten ones, the
keepers of dreams that spread light and joy in
a world of darkness. You are a fairy caught
within a human shell, using your body to keep
safe from the cold disbelief just outside your
door. Your kind is as varied as the dreams you
were born from, and you find that fewer
children today believe in the magic and wonder
of your kind, but you can not give up hope..
The winter is fast approaching, but you gather
dreams tightly about you, a blanket to keep the
chill away. You will never truly die as long as
there are still people with hopes and dreams. If you would like to know more, please take my
changeling quiz to find out what type you would
be classified as at:

What type of World of Darkness Creature Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla Heh...strangely appropriate... Pooka
Pooka. You are fun loving, get along great with
almost everyone, and like to show people how to
laugh at themselves. You are a great listener,
but sometimes your enthusiasim for a good prank
may go a little too far. Overall you have a
good time wherever you go or you just don't wan
to go.

What Type of Changeling Are You? (Now Including Pictures for Each Kith)
brought to you by Quizilla'd they guess? ;-) Druid
DRUIDIC - You have to live close to nature to
survive. You dream magick. In the deep woods
you gather, bringing together mysticism and
philosophy, insight and learning. Your spirit
emerges from the the tides of the sea, the
light of the sun, the wind in the Oak, the cry
of the deer.

What is Your Magick Path?
brought to you by Quizilla Now THIS one doesn't surprise me in the LEAST... Your are Dorothy Parker - a cute little smart-ass, armed with rapier wit and agile hands.  You run with the foremost minds of your generation.  You are appreciated in your own time, a
Your are Dorothy Parker - a cute little smart-ass,
armed with rapier wit and agile hands. You run
with the foremost minds of your generation.
You are appreciated in your own time, as well
as after your death.

Which Dead Poet Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla People like you becuase you're unique!
What attracts people to you?

brought to you by Quizilla

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