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Well, I've been rather severely depressed for reasons that a few of you already know, and it's not seeming to get any better yet. However I did have an emergency meds appointment, so that hopefully this new doesage of antidepressants will help take a tiny bit of the edge off of things. There's been a lot of crud going on, so if I haven't responded and/or responded promptly/properly that's why, and I apologize for it. In other news, Jeremy's currently playing Final Fantasy. The first one, on the Nintendo. It amuses me greatly. :-) The snow is coming down in a big way, it's very stormy and nasty out. I wasn't planning on going anywhere this weekend anyway due to my take-home final being due Tuesday night. However, it would be nice to give Jeremy somewhere to go. *wry grin* He went out earlier to move the car so the lot could get plowed. For some reason they can't shovel around the cars or anything logical like that, so we all end up having to move our cars. Which is difficult, since the major road to park upon is a snow emergency route with no parking on either side of it. :P We have comfort food, we have warmth, we have games and such, so we'll make it through. :-) Here's just for fun. Mut
You are Mut, the mother of the gods and goddesses.
You love your bedchamber, and use it often.
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A Rum and Monkey joint. crowburn
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