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Just a note...

Not that I think anyone can afford anything for me any more than I can at the moment..*wry grin*

Dear friend/family member,

I am writing to ask you not to buy me presents at Wal-Mart this holiday season. Wal-Mart engages in some of the worst labor practices in the country: paying its employees substandard wages, forcing unpaid overtime on its workers and refusing to provide affordable health insurance.

Until Wal-Mart changes its ways, I won't shop at Wal-Mart and I hope you won't either. Please join me in telling Wal-Mart we won't shop at its stores until it treats its employees better.

It only took me a few seconds to sign the Wal-Mart Pledge and I'm hoping you'll sign it, too. Click here to sign the pledge:

P.S. Please forward this message to anyone that you know who might be interested.

Happy Holidays

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