August 5th, 2003

fuzzy badgerness

An interesting evening.

Well, we were having a rotten day on Sunday, so Neil and I went off late at night to the truck stop/restuarant that's off in Conn. off of route 84. Met a fellow anime fan there, so the 3 of us had lunch/dinner/breakfast together. We'll see if I get email back from him. Seemed like a good person to introduce into the convention-going crowd. :-) We had a good trip there and back, listening to a bit of filk, a bit of cool dyke music, and some ska too! Of course, today I'm being penalized by my leg. (Well, that and the weather.) But I'm still smiling anyway, even if the rest of me is icky. Not a bad trip, on the whole, in fact, quite fun!

Now if that Adjective-adverb roomie of ours would just hurry up and get OUT! *grumbles* His monumental stupidity is really getting on my nerves. I'm trying to be charitable, but it's getting so that the little patience that I have is fraying even more rapidly with each and every idiotic question the boy asks!
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