August 29th, 2003

fuzzy badgerness

Strange and interesting things...

Well, the couch lump came back tonight around... 10pm or so, which was interestingly annoying seeing as he said he'd be back around 6pm. *grumbles* He did, however, give me money so that I can get the oil changed in the car tomorrow if I wake up early enough. (ergh! Later today, now.)

He left again, not long thereafter, going to stay at some friend's house and allegedly gonna look at a 'couple places before work tomorrow. We'll see whether it actually happens or not. He's only got a 'couple more days here, and then we *will* boot him out. Of course, as usual, I screwed up, and told Jeremy's mom that we'd be at Grandma and Grandpa's cottage around 11am on Monday, the same day we're supposed to be booting him out of the house, so I have to figure out how in hell that's gonna work.
Ah, well, I'll leave the timing alone until Jeremy and I have both gotten much more in the way of sleep.

Watched a WONDERFUL Broadway thing on PBS/Channel2 tonight. Wish I could afford the CD and DVD that came with pledging for it. *sigh* So many of the people in it were/are people who I think of as some of my personal heroes. It makes me feel old and depressed at the same time that it inspires me. (go figure, I'm weird. ;-)

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