September 2nd, 2003

fuzzy badgerness


Why does it always have to be a holiday weekend when I get toothaches? *pout*
Ah, well, hopefully tomorrow I'll get to the dentist. Now I'm going to have some jello. Woo. ;-)

Been thinking a lot lately about school and what to take this semester. I think I'll try to register online again this year, if my advisor isn't an ass, that is. Trying to make a final decision as to whether I'll take a reallly interesting psych class (for which the downside is that it's on Wed. nights, when I've been trying to be social of late.) or an interesting-looking English class (for which the downside is that it meets 9am to 4pm on saturdays. (but a lot fewer classes to drive to!)

The couch lump has moved himself, but not his stuff, out as of Sunday. He'll be staying with a friend the next few days, and, hopefully, getting a room at the Y and moving his stuff in Thursday or so. It has improved my mood somewhat to have him gone, although I'm stilll quite irrationally irritated that there's still too much of his stuff in the house for us to trip over.

Time for me to put on my glasses and work on registration now. Or leave them off and go back to bed. Or both. *heh*
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