November 14th, 2003

fuzzy badgerness

Sometimes I'm just too scarily accurate...

Well, I said that some other part of my life would explode or implode, and it did. *Wry chuckle* Basically, I was trying to get comfortable in bed Thursday for a nap in the afternoon...and proceeded to sprain my left ankle. (which has been a bit weak of late.) Yowzah, that hurt! Took it to the hospital, because it was hurting up to my mid-thigh, and sat around for about 5 hours while the hospital was on full divert in order to get xrays and be told that it's just a sprain and got it bandaged. Bah, humbug. They perscribed naproxin for it, but that doesn't seem to be doing much...and since Jeremy's out of the house today I'm kinda stuck as to what to do to get things done around here, and still keep my leg elevated and iced. :P Lousy timing. Anyone bored tonight can come over and entertain me! *wry grin*
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