January 31st, 2004

fuzzy badgerness

Getting back to my usual abnormalities...

Things have been going strangely of late, my sleep schedule is for the birds, almost literally. *wry grin*

Have an appointment next Friday with the ear, nose, throat doctor to discuss the nose surgery we think I need. Get to go over the sinus CAT scan, it should be fun, in a kind of disgusting way. ;-)

Got my 2nd Depo-provera shot today, it makes me sillier than usual, which is quite odd. It's kind of unpleasantly like being drunk. ("What's so unpleasant about being drunk?" You ask a glass of water.")
I don't mind getting buzzed occasionally, but this is riddiculous! ;-) But it's only once every three months, so I can cope. I just have to schedule it so it doesn't interfere with school stuff.
I think I'm now going to have a bowl of cereal, sit up a bit, then go to sleep. 'night all! Behave yourselves! ;-D

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