February 4th, 2006

fuzzy badgerness

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Idle question again...wondering if anyone was getting together someplace local for the Superbowl...
I normally would start out for a party near the R.I/MA border, but I have no car, so am stuck asking for rides or other help. I mostly just watch for the humor of it, btw. *wry grin*

Also, is anyone commuting to Boskone, or have a spare bedspace that I could use at the con? Again, the timing will be too difficult for me to do more than ask Jeremy to get me to the hotel on Friday.

In other randomness, my father's almost settled into his new office back at his house. Thankfully, he didn't need us to come down and help out, esp. since the day before was when I fell. :P

Hrm. Wondering if watching the nightly news on network tv is a good thing or not. *well...maybe*

-randomly needing hugs and chocolate. ;-) But how is that different from every other day?
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fuzzy badgerness


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