June 23rd, 2006

fuzzy badgerness

Arrived home safely

Just a quick note to let folks (those that give a heck) know that I made it back safely from ConCertino, despite not realizing until halfway down rt. 9 that I hadn't changed back from my bifocals. Wore them home, in fact. Headache is unfortunately still fairly predominant, but I think it'll take a few days of advil and the like and it should happily return to whatever is normall for this body of mine. ;-)

ConCertino was interesting...my mood was not the best and my new bifocals made me motion-sick. But I heard a lot of excellent new (to me) music! Now I just have to work on getting a job so that I can afford more of these cons. My leg did not react well to the chlorine in the pool, but other than that behaved astoundingly well overall. :-)
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fuzzy badgerness

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Hi folks, it's me again. Is anyone crazy enough locally to bring me the ice cream I'm craving? ;-)

I missed my dental appointment yesterday, so of COURSE my jaw's hurting now. Ice cream is the most tasty numbing agent I can think of. *wry grin*

Killing various things in Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2. Is fun, for now, but I dislike using my bifocals still, so it's a challenge..
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fuzzy badgerness


Well, someone interesting arrived on TIM tonight. An ex of 15+ years ago...not even really an ex, but a wonderful fascinating guy nonetheless. Anyhoo... I'm amazed at what it did for my mood. I mean, yeah, this is me, still craving ice cream...but with a smile on my face. Astonishing! It's a cool timewarp, but the problem of opposite sides of the country is still there. :P Well, he'll come back and talk with me later, if I manage to stay awake that long.,, Weird feelings of misty morning dew outside the Wedge, people looking at us like we were crazy, etc. :-)
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