August 27th, 2006

fuzzy badgerness

FFF volunteer party, etc.

Well, I had some interesting people-watching tonight. I also had a wonderful backrub. Sadly, I was completely shy about approaching the people I wanted to play with, so I kinda didn't really play. This aggrivates me. I need to stop being so shy. (esp. with other women, dammit!) At least part of this relates, I think, to having been "out of the loop" so much for the past N+1 months. I guess I need help getting out of the house more often. *Wry grin* And I need to get those new shoes before I collapse into a bucket of whimpers and whines. I mean, any more than usual. *wry chuckle*

Met and remet a lot of interesting people, at least. ;-) Now that I've been home for a while I don't feel as bummed as I did when I got home. Looked at the motivations of other people, and realized that I'm not pond scum, which I already know, but I'm glad I reminded myself all the same. J'r will probably be home sometime in the next half-hour or so, depending on whether he's doing the groceries tonight or not.

I was reading an interview that Bill Moyers did with Margaret Atwood. This is my favourite quote so far...
MARGARET ATWOOD: "That's true. Yes, that's absolutely true. Sometimes people play these silly games. They say, "What would you have been if you hadn't been a writer?" And I say, "A ballet dancer," which is palpably absurd, because I get dizzy. So the answer is really nothing else. I can't imagine anything else I would rather be. "
It quite makes me giggle, which is a good thing. The website around this particular PBS show is wonderful, I'm just pissed off that I can't get RealAudio working with 10.2.8, and I don't know WHY. The bloody disk image won't boot, so I suspect that the version I have is for some newer version of 10. *grumble*

But enough complaining...hopefully today, I'll go out if my foot will let me. Plan to head to Pandemonium, see if the book I ordered is in yet. Then possibly take the cupon I have for Borders and try to buy something from the remainder of my gift card from the holidays.
A random craving to read something different from whatever all the books I have in the house, not that I don't already have a large amount of books here. ;-) Just a desire for something a bit different.
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fuzzy badgerness

Random meme thingie

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