December 19th, 2006

fuzzy badgerness

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...a very silly meme. Oddly appropriate in places :)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, badgerthorazine sent to me...
Twelve telynors drumming
Eleven tigerbrights piping
Ten ailsaeks a-leaping
Nine kbreens dancing
Eight ohsheilas a-milking
Seven mnemexs a-swimming
Six debkittys a-reading
Five fu-u-u-uzcats
Four thnidus
Three dglenns
Two nosebeepbears
...and a chocolate in a psychology.
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fuzzy badgerness

lipedema, tendonitis, etc.

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In other events, went to my Integrative Medicine doc today. She doesn't know anything about lipedema. This should not suprise me much, but it does. She's going to check it out for me, see if I might have it. She wants me to order light compression stockings. I have No Clue whether MassHealth in their infinite stupidity will PAY for them or not. :\ My sister was saying that her insurance only partly covered them and only if they were for stronger compression than the doc and I think I need at this point in time in my life. Some good references over on my sister's blog....some annoying stuff too, but hey, I'm her sister. ;-) (look at the earlier stuff for references.) It appears to be genetic, and hormone related too, so I may not be as badly off since I take Depo-Provera shots every 3 months or so. :) However, realistically, I'm probably in or about to be in perimenopause. Still, I'm wondering how, and if, this relates to all the tendonitis in my foot and ankle. The tendonitis in my thumb is so obviously my own damn fault (but I love Koi-Koi!) but I can't for the life of me figure out how it could appear out of nowhere in my ankle when I took a hot bubblebath! It does make me wonder if it's tendonitis at all...*sigh*

On a more cheerful note, pinapple and cashews aren't a bad thing to snack upon when your tendons are being cranky. I'm hoping I can discover other sources of protein and vitamin C. but it seems that the pineapple is a lot less acidic than anything else...although I do have some Orange Crush hard candies that purport to have 100%% RDA of Vitamin C. But they're, well, they're candies! ;-) Never fear, though, I'm not completely neglecting my chocolate. ;-) (I'm just being a snob about it since expensive dark chocolate can be had in considerably smaller doses than the boring American processed chocolate-like stuff. ;-)

Mood still rather low, I need to get out more and/or get people over here more. And I need to just PLAY more in general. I've been spending too much time in agonizing pain and not nearly enough at doing things that're fun for me to do, whether it be singing, hugging, or whatever.
I've also been irrationally craving a garlic pizza. (no tomato sauce, more garlic!)