July 1st, 2007

fuzzy badgerness


Usual pleas for crashspace & feeding... As I would love to attend, but funding is extremely tight, I can probably manage admission, but not much else. Heck, I'm not sure what the docs will say, but my current desire is to attend Thursday night's events, as they look interesting. Besides, getting out of town may just be the break from Tv I need. :-)

I need to try to fit in a trip to the orthotics people to get the foot part of my ankle brace adjusted. My little toe is being smushed a bit too much. Aside from my usual aches, etc. I've been getting back closer to my usual rate of reading speed, although I'm still not happy yet. I'll likely be able to be called this evening during my bath, otherwise I have a visitor tomorrow afternoon, and shrink Mon. early eve. Hope to hear from folks soon, as a lot depends on what I hear when. Time for bubbles! If I don't answer, I'm probably underwater. :)
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