March 11th, 2008

fuzzy badgerness

You may ask yourself...

what the hell the Badger is doing awake. I'm asking myself much the same thing. :P Well, I got lost in a book, then it was time for Jeremy to call the insurance adjuster. Someone else apparently wanted to talk with me, and there's yet a THIRD adjuster needed for my medical stuff. Only the three that I know of, that is. :P I sort-of wish that they worked at civilized hours of the evening, but since they don't, one of us should be mostly awake to answer the damn telephone. *sigh*

Started some new treatments with the chiropractor, which will hopefully alleviate my back, neck, etc pain. Will, however, need massage therapy rather desperately during Lunacon. The drive is going to be killer, and the hottub can only do so much. (that is, if I can FIND my bathing suit.): Frantically trying to get Jeremy to get laundry stuff done so that I'll have clean whatevers to wear at the con. (and a few spare things depending on how hot or cold the hotel is.

Egads, but I'm exhausted. Bored, too, now that I'm not focused on the book. Bleh.
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