January 8th, 2010

fuzzy badgerness

Last Update 22 Weeks Ago

Just thought I'd let you all know that things are calm, my father is alive&well and living in Portland, ME, about a mile from my sister's apartment. Other than that, usual medical ills getting worse/better. Going to get my last 5 lower teeth extracted a 'couple days after the end of Arisia this month, hopefully rapidly followed by a denture. Not sure I'm going to be able to endure the extractions on just laughing gas, but I'm going to try. They gave me valium to take the night before and the day of, but I don't expect that that will work all that well... which is self-defeating, isn't it? I'm going to avoid that thought as much as possible from now on. New Year's Eve day I got a fresh set of facet injections in my lower back, which are things that help me be in less pain. Listening to The Capital Steps while out of it on extra-strength percocet was.... surreal, to say the least! ;-)

Thanks to a beloved, I attended Worldcon this year, my first! Montreal is a fabulous city, although their curb cuts are more of curb suggestions... Came back, had a 'couple weeks to clear out my dad's old house so that it could be put up for sale. He had a real cleaning person come in for most of it, but I got to claim mostly what I wanted to, the books and some personal knick-knacks from various of the 35 years it was our family home. As a male, my dad is quite popular amongst the older women at his retirement community, and he seems to enjoy it. He's playing bridge regularly, and there's even a Wii bowling league! :-)

The holidays were calm this year. Nobody has much money, so we didn't get/give much, even within families. I enjoyed muchly taking pictures and playing with Jeremy's 18-month-old nephew, Julian. :-) I'm such a sucker for little kids! :-) I still need more of a social life, and to get out and play with other folks' kids is a blast, but it was chaotic at best for a while there. I'm slowly catching up with my various doctors, and hope that 2010 will be a much less stressful year.

Oh! And I have an iPhone on my sister's family plan, so that if an emergency should happen, we can keep in touch easily. :-) I've been having too much fun for words with it. Not making telephone calls, mind you, but downloading ring tones, and games, and booooooooks. (although, on the whole, I think I'd be better off with a regular Kindle.)
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