July 8th, 2011

fuzzy badgerness

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Looking for bed space at Readercon, as well as possibly a ride home. I have a CPAP, so I'd need to be near an electrical socket of some ilk. I can pay a bit toward a room, but have no credit or credit card (functioning) to pay for a room by myself, and they're chomping up the southbound 93 bridges outside our bedroom window, so commuting might vaguely be do-able, it would be rather... impractical. It would be even more awesome to pay al someone the money in August, but I realize that people might want to get cash from me with which to buy books. If this post is less than clear, know that I'm (temporarily) on some violently strong pain medicine for my back, and chances are that I could elucidate when less sheep-like. Any ideas are welcome also!
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    roaring air conditioner. ( What an awesome name for a band, though! :-)