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A spot of good news!

My GPA is now officially no longer below the gutter. It's now firmly IN the gutter, and hopefully going to get better this spring term. Need to register on the 8th, if my father can swing it.

Got a call earlier this'MusicMan is gonna be in town this weekend, mayhaps I'll get a chance to see him this time. Things being how they are, probably not for long, but even a short amount of time would be better than silence from the past bit of a while.

Antibiotics are finally starting to work on the cursed sinus infection. Hopefully they'll continue to do so, so my head isn't going to explode. *wry grin*

Jeremy bought Tony Hawk Underground with part of his holiday money, along with new shoes and a new copy of AppleWorks. We've been being busy with the game, although I"ll never get the total hang of it, and would have prefered Pokemon Channel. (I'm weird, I know.;-) My little pink-haired girl with pigtails is cute as heck, though. ;-D

I'm still craving a new digital camera, but will probably hold off in hopes of better prices and decent employment for at least ONE of us.

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