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There's a certain irony...

I've been watching the Food Network's "Chocolate Obsession Week". So I go to their website to look at recipies I can't make 'cuz I don't have much in the way of things like mixers and whatnot....and find that the odd thing is that there's a whole LOT of diet ads on their website. That just seems...wrong, somehow. I know it's a case of following the money, but ... bleah.

Alton Brown is a cutie, I admit. I also like the guy who hosts "Unwrapped" as eye candy. However, I'm having the most fun learning about gourmet chocolate shops/makers that I can never afford even in my wildest dreams. ;-) Finding myself hooked on cooking shows isn't necessarily a bad thing, but my gosh it puts a dent in the chocolate least, this week. Ah, well. that's what the season is for, in part.

Am trying to figure out what, if anything, I want to do for my birthday this year. It's only gonna be 37, so it's not like a huge party thing or anything, but doing *something* after all these injuries and before my sinus surgery next month seems like a good idea. Jeremy couldn't hold back one of my presents, he claimed, so we now have a copy of Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles that's my main birthday gift. :-)

Ankle still very iffy. Hurt it a lot driving to school and back this week. Wrist recovering far better than that, thankfully, although I'll still have to be careful for a bit longer. Writing huge journal entry doesn't help, but I owe y'all a bit more of a babble than you've been getting from me for a while. Poor y'all. ;-D
There was something I was gonna look up on the Web too, but I've long since forgotten what the heck it WAS. *grumble*

Ah, yes. Lunacon. I really really really want to go, but I'm just not sure, since my sinus surgery will be on the 11th whether or not I'll be in any condition to go. I think I should call and ask the doctor on Tuesday how long the recovery time is going to be. I can't imagine it'd be that horridly long, but, well, I've never had bone drilled before, so I don't know. :P Hopefully after this the sinus infections will mostly go byebye...and I'll breathe better too. The two fears I have at the moment are being afraid the anasthetic won't be enough at the hospital, and that the pain will last for months. Both slightly to extremely unrealistic, but at least I KNOW that. ;-D

Let me think. Good flowers today, displaced my knee, but got lots of hugs for it. merf. Painkiller suddenly making me go thud. Promise more good stuff later. :-)

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