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I know you...

I hate it when my writing happens as I'm trying to fall asleep...In some ways this might be disturbing for some...and it is merely a rough first draft of an I-Don't-Know-What.

You, standing there in the corner of the room, eyes ablaze. As dangerous a friend to me as you would be as an enemy. Darkness personified in some ways, yet the flash of humor would show as needed. I stood on watch at the entrance, as is my wont, to protect those without from those within...or was it perhaps the other way around? The skittish gothchildren wonder what this fat old lady is doing here, yet they know better than to ask up front for fear of my sarcasm's bite. I would not toss such younglings to the lions as of yet, for they were only beginning to learn proper courtesy due to others of our rank.

Suddenly our senses come alert, finding danger in the air without that is trying to get within. We strengthen shielding within the building and try to eliminate the gaseous entity trying to enter. It is merely a tool of a greater being, and thus is easily foiled, this time. Lightening llashed on the horizon outside, startling a few of the youngliings, but comforting others of them. It was like a bell at a prizefight, signifying that this round of combat was ended, for now.

Wraithling Susan, the barkeep, quietly brings me a ginger ale inside of a old-fashioned glass. We have worked together for years, she and I, to set up this haven of relative safety so there is at last some place for the young ones to play and learn and grow...grow up, if not old, if they wish it. Scotty, the ever-distracted ever-disturbed musician, motions to her, and she has blinked away, knowing that I am still in good enough shape for the rest of...whatever happens next.

CJ wanders up next, eyes bright with questions, an entertainingly distracting young man. Linda, our voca, and I reassure him that the show will go on as planned, and he is comforted, if confused. Then again, that's often his state of mind, and so he's rather more used to it than some of us would like sometime. I remind them of their backup duties when and if needed, then send them out back to rehearse. Susan notices what I am doing, and sends Scotty out the same way.

It is the Night of the Twins, and at this time througout this land evil becomes personified. Being close upon the Seven Hills makes us closer to danger than most, but you and I have protected it indirectly and directly as needed before, and I hope we will be enough this time. The dancers whirl in time to the beat as others seek solace in the various other ways that services are provided here.

Mekhayel drifts up from his church and gives me the danger sign, I signal that we've already met it also. He will protect those that won't come here for fear of who we are, or who they THINK we are. We helped building each other's boundary spaces, so know what is needed where if something happens to either of us. Kat will join him there as co-primary so that the church will retain inner balance. Then I sign him that he must return quickly before the next volley. He signs "love" and "luck" and glides back down to his preserve.

Carolita comes to the door with her boys, who she knows I will keep safe. She goes down to help cover the church area. Soon their uncles show up, and that is when I know that things are going to get serious a lot quicker than we'd prepared for. He who went before us has warned of this new evil, and yet how could one be prepared for all of it?

You leave the corner and manouver to conversational distance. The liquid fire of your voice could melt glass, as yet uaffected I am by it. We cross out some unuseable plans, reform others, and backup our backups with further backup as needed from down below. Yesterday i saw a crow, and yet that dream was real, there were birds in the sky again.

Star Child appears, as if he's heard the messages as far away as he's been of late. Always good to add an extra to the hold, and I quickly let him in. Looks like some kids outside have started the fires burning before the safe time comes...there've always gotta be some idots in a crowd. TTQ notices at the same time as I do, and organizes a small band to go extinguish things before they become Baal fires in truth. Once again we can be thankful that this area doesn't tend to burn as easily as others, but I worry for the people's safety nonetheless.

It is a dizzying time, this time of the twins. So much that I want to tell them that I can't for the safety of others. Guardian my first, last, and only duty, and I must perform it to perfection tonight.

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