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Brief update...

I'm doing okayish, out of the hospital as of Monday evening, Have to go to clinic twice a day for bandage changes, etc. Next week I have an appointment at a more local specialized wound clinic. @whee. Ah, well, I'm, all things considered, healing fairly fast, for me. :-) Mucho thanks for everyone's good wishes! They really help!

In other news, working on figuring out how to get to Lunacon, although I'm going to wait until Monday to make that decision at the earliest. Need to know what the doctors need me to do. Oh, and if this all seems incoherent, thank Percocet. ;-) It looks nice and rainy outside, so it should be an adventure going back this afternoon for the 2nd bandage change. I'll write about the hospital interlude some other time, being as I really really ought to go put my leg up and rest.

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