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Clutching the Short Straw...

Well, once again I've failed to keep in touch with folks properly. :P *grumble* Haven't been up to being online, either too depressed or dealing with this thrice-accursed sinus infection. I think that I'm finally making some headway with it. Maybe. *wry grin* With my luck, I'll get re-infected with this MRSA somewhere else on my body again. :P I wish I could just kill it for good, dammit!

Bought a wonderful tank top at the flea, along with many other interesting things that "Master"
thought I might enjoy. It hasn't arrived in the mail yet, and I want to show it off to a friend online. Can anyone find me the vendor called "Needle Play" that was creating the interesting embroidered shirts?

Years ago I never would have let myself be caught dead wearing a tank top. I think my self-image is beginning to improve to the point where I tell the mundanes to go *blank* themselves if they don't like what they see. The only problem is where to find a 50DD strapless bra, if such a critter was to actually exist. ;-)

I'll be awake a little bit longer if anyone wants to give me a call...
I've been buried in Marillion-time-travel, and could use some contact with the outside world to get myself back to the present. Or just call after, oh, 5pm. tomorrow evening. Getting me out of the damn house would be neat, but not required. ;-)

*many apologetic hugs all 'round*

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