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Ugh. I didn't go anywhere today because my foot still feels hideous. The doctors yesterday thought that it was just a pulled/sprained tendon or something, but I have to wonder why it hurts so much. :P

No movies for me. Someone want to email me and let me know how they were? I just couldn't face that many stairs. (most of them back here at the condo.): So I'm just going to sit and read, and if someone wants to call me, I'll be around the house. If I don't answer, it means I finally got to sleep. (but should be awake within the next hour or three.)

I'm reading the Weekly Dig. I think I like it. I'm wondering why it hasn't been shelved anywhere local other than Panda Palace... The humor seems to be what I need, although the concert listings make me whine. (Predictably.)

So I'll be around the house tonight. Anyone else want to do anything fun with me? (err.. Well, I left myself wide open with that one. *blush*)

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