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It's a puzzlement...

I want to go to the FFF volunteer party this Sat. night. Unfortunately, I haven't got the car that night. So, I thought I would wonder aloud in here if anyone could give me a lift both to and from. Oh, great, and now a thunderstorm is happening. Just what I needed. Bah. Humbug. I'm going to try to finish this post now anyway, since I DO need to sleep tonight some more. Had a nap earlier but overall didn't do well at all sleeping because we had no distilled water to put in the CPAP machine, and I won't use it without the humidity that makes it easier for me to breathe.

Tuesday was okay. Waking up Wed. was agony, though, seeing as Jeremy and I went grocery shopping in the early hours of the Wed. morning. I know, I know, I should have grabbed one of the battery-operated shopping carts, but I thought I could handle just putzing around the grocery store. :P But we found strange and interesting things whilst we were there, including a marshmallow Hello Kitty lollipop. It was silly. It was good. It was pure sugar coated in sugar. ;-)

My mood's taken another temporary downturn, watched too much network news this week or something. Very frustrated at the things that people in charge should fix, and the things they shouldn't have broken in the first damn place. :P Watched a show tonight on ABC detailing the problems that African-Americans are STILL having with HIV/AIDS. I managed to get through it pretty well, considering what's happened to many people I knew when I was younger... although I did cry when they showed the bit with the last full viewing of the Names Project Quilt. I don't know what I should be doing about it.....but I do get a strong feeling of anger against the various governments who can't be bothered to do things like needle exchanges. At least that would be a possible start to deal with the issues. Granted, I'm an ignorant white chick in many ways, but the things that were shown in this hour-long program slapped me upside the head to remind me that silence STILL equals death. Major suckage that it's still true. :P

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