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Hullo world. I've signed up for an SF/F writer's workshop, if I hadn't mentioned it previously. I'm trying to decide which slightly demented plot line I want to go with. I may not do what the questionnaire says, but, hey, input is a good thing to start with, eh?

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My GHODS but my feet hurt today. I guess I tied them too tight or something. *sigh* But my father and I went to Pandemonium and paid for the workshop and got a few books, so I must say that it was good, even if I had to deal with his ghastly driving. *wry grin*

Our windows have been painted. This means the screens can get put back least, in theory. It hasn't been done yet. :P I can't do them myself, I can't reach that high, and the tiny stepladder we have I don't think could hold my weight. Bleh.

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