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Werghle. Hullo all. How's life treating y'all? Been sick, still feeling like I might still have or again have an ear infection. :P Both ears, this time.

MASSFILCers-anyone able to give me a lift to/from the Nov. meeting? I don't really have any good bribes available at the moment, but hugs'll have to do. *Wry grin*

I have a metric buttload of upcoming doctor's appointments. :P I'm trying to increase a level in MassHealth. This is kinda like full contact sports with a burocracy. They want me to go see THEIR doctors, who will probably tell them I'm not sick enough or something. :P That's their job, after all. Or something. :*grumble*

The writing workshop is still fascinating, but I still seem to be going nowhere with my attempts at writing. Took a pain med last night that was/is also part sleeping pill, so I'm likely to crash relatively early tonight, at least. It did, however, mean that my brain was NOT able to work on the story. Bleah. Fortunately last night Jeremy and I did attend the board gaming at Pandemonium, where there were a great deal of interesting and adorable geeks. ;-)

I'm wondering where my little fleece dolphin blanket got to. It's starting to become the time of year where my feet are mostly ice cubes. :P

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