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Well...what a night. After going through all sorts of neato things at the writing workshop this evening, I end up taking the bus from Davis Square back to Medford Square. Because my feet hurt, I decided to wait for the 101 bus towards Malden rather than walking somewhat uphill home from the square. I fall into conversation with a very interesting older woman. Just my luck that in the end once we got on the bus, she hands me a card and invites me to come to their meetings. No, not those, not those either, nope, not even Cthulhu...although whilst at Pandemonium someone bought their young daughter a stuffed one this evening. ;-) Would you believe it was a card for the local branch of the Hare Krishnas???

I'll stop here, because my wrist is about to fall off. Oh, and my email is down for the moment, but should be back up before the end of the week. (I HOPE!)

Why do *I* get all the crazies? ;-)

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