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Now it's my turn for me!

Actually managed to get out of the house BOTH days this weekend. Went to the chiropractor's "Patient Appreciation Day" where I got adjusted for free, and we had good munchies and a divine hot apple cider.
(Then I went home and threw up. :P )
Today went to the MASSFILC meeting and had me a good time, grateful to have gone to it. I needed more music. :-) Had a DIVINE mug of hot chocolate. (then I went home and threw up. :P)

There seems to be a theme here, if I could figure out what the hell it might be. I really hope I'm not coming down with some nasty bug, but just having bad tummy days. Tendon in left foot healing amazingly....slowly. :P But I'm walking around a LOT better with the high-top New Balance sneakers. :-) Could have easily sprained my ankle going into the filk, but didn't because of the nice high ankle coverage. :-)
My story writing seems to be going along at a glacial pace, which makes me unhappy. :P And when the Badger's not happy, ain't NOBODY happy! *evil grin* I'm pleased with what I've started with, though. :-) Came home and just puttered around web stores I can't afford for silly evil presents for my sister, brother in law, and father.

"Undead is what I am!"

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