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When we last left our heroine...

Let's see. Since the last post, I've had tendonitis in my left foot, thumb, and as of Thurs. night, left ankle. This is driving me crazy! I'm supposed to spend the next 3 days or so in bed, which scotches my idea of going out to a party I was looking forward to. :P OTOH, at least I have plenty of time to read the books I'm giving my family for the holidays. *wry grin* If anyone gets bored and wants to be a badgersitter while Jeremy's at work, I'd not mind, as long as I don't have to be overly coherent. ;-)

Went to two delightful concerts on Tuesday, one at Pandemonium, the other at Johnny D's in Davis Square in Somerville. Many thanks need to go out to the wonderful people who helped me get my act together, as it were, and many many more thanks to Paul, Storm, and Jonathan Coulton for marvelously wonderful music that hurt my brain in new and interesting ways. :-D

oh, and in case anyone is keeping track... I bought the plush caltrops at Pandemonium. They're adorable, and I'll probably give them to my brother-in-law.

*hugs* to all who need 'em. 'cuz I know I need 'em too!

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