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Long time no type...

Well, life's been interesting in the Chinese way of interesting. *wry grin* New Year's weekend, the Friday we were all going up to my sister's house for xmas part 2, my dad crashed his Buick LeSabre.
He's okay after a few hairy days in the hospital with heart rhythm problems. Turned out not to be a bad ticker, but a bad medicine. All fixed now, but he's 77, so it was an emotionally exhausting 'couple weeks. I spent about 4 days down at his house driving him hither and yon, but we got the ok to keep driving from the cardiologist, so that Sat. we went out and bought him a new used car. 2005 Toyota Prius, with only 30k miles on it. Expensive, but considering how much he travels, a sensible purchase.

Had fun at Arisia, after all this other stuff, it was a rather relaxing strange as that sounds. Worked too much, didn't visit enough merchants outside the Dealer's Room. Also, sadly, didn't get to many panels that I wanted to. Since that was what I was guarding, I'm not too surprised. Did a little time in FastTrack...had a good time with the kids, but it took two parents to get me up off the floor. *blush* Still trying to figure out how to afford Boskone, looking for crash space there (prefer bed) and/or ideas of how to afford eating in that part of town...I've never spent much time out there.

The lipedema thing is ongoing, will see my integrative doc tomorrow. G.P. on Wed. Will see what can be accomplished to get my insurance to pay for what it should with regards to the compression stockings and/or any PT or rehab that might be called for. I'm wondering how this all relates to my inherent klutziness. Should I get work done on my knees and/or ankles, or would that make the lipedema worse? Trying to get the balance right between needed activities and staying the hell off the injured leg for a while. Had a little adventure with the guy who delivered our pizza last night. Apparently he thought the street entrance was the back door, so when I went down the stairs to let him in, there was nobody there. *heh* But we eventually got the pizzas after some comic manouvers, although I was annoyed because of my leg hating the stairs. *wry grin* I survived all the same, though. :-)

Trying not to worry about all this stuff is giving me a headache! :P I'll be around other than the doctors the next few days. If bored, call, email is less efficient at the moment, I've got 556 messages to read sometime tonight. :P

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