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Boskone, friday night.

Was interesting. Not all of it in a good way, alas. :P But we got to the hotel eventually...
I had a good time hanging out with people, bought a tribble, and a 'couple books. Hopefully I'll be able to do more tomorrow, ;-) I think tonight I'm going to fall asleep reading, after I set my alarm. Many thanks for my ride, too! :)

Too many emoticons again. Ah, well, they're how I type when online or something. Force of habit and all that jazz.

Went to a wonderful workshopish thing that Wen Spencer did on how to write an action scene. Got some good ideas, hopefully someone will let me have a copy of their notes. I'm just not ready for the whole writing thing, and do NOT want to take my computer to the con. It's too damnnably heavy, and I was carrying too many other things, like food to get by on. Then I went to the slushpile Q&A. Learned some neat things, but had to leave because my filling fell out of my tooth. *grrr*

....a few pain meds later, and I think I'm going to fairly rapidly go thunk, although am available by telephone for another few minutes.

*hugs* to all.

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