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I made a decision! :-) All by myself, even! (Well, not really, Jeremy helped a bit.:)

Basically we're going to ask the couch lump for money covering whatever period of time he chooses to crash here. With the proviso that he has to be out by the end of this month. Failing that, I'm working up a delightfully long shopping list of things he could get for us at work with his discount at BestBuy. *evil grin*

I realize it might not happen, but gosh, the online shopping has been fun! :-)
I definitely want more pink things, and basic supplies like printer paper before the fall semester begins. He could maybe even get us some decent desk chairs, but I know I'm probably dreaming on that one. *heh!*

In other reports, stepping on open staple is a Bad Thing (TM)
-I got to tell my father how to use crutches yesterday. (seems to have a sprained knee, maybe)
-my sleep schedule is an even worse mess than usual.
-I've been humming "Silent E" all day. I've been playing WAY too much Boggle on the GameBoy.

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