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Post-Boskone, Sunday night...

I read, I sang, I met really amazingly cool people, and remet some others. :-) Got a few little things with the budget I had(a tribble, a few paperbacks, two magazines..), as well as a small novella from a good friend on TinyTIM.

Learned a bunch of interesting things, I'm not quite up to processing them yet. My feet are beet hash, and I won't even say what my back's saying to me. :P (yes, it's too obscene for me!): Lots of people helped me out in little and large ways. My thanks to the folks who drove me back home, the wonderful fascinating people I spent time with...and the wisecrackers, o'course, too. ;-D

babblebabblebabble. I think I should sleep in the next 'couple hours. (took a nap upon getting home) *HUGS* y'all. I will now return you to your normally running insanity levels. ;-)

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