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Got a tooth fixed...

Went to the dentist today, got one of the more painful sharp holes in one of my teeth fixed. Then we went to physical therapy. Oddly, my PT didn't want to excercise my left knee since it got the cortisone shot yesterday. Not sure why, though. :P But we did a lot, and then I went over to the Social Security office in Malden (MA) and signed the release forms which were the last things my case officer needed to send it off to the higher-ups. :-) Spoke to a few cute babies along the way, which made me smile despite the ouchy jaw. (jaw? jawa? I forget sometimes. ;-)

Still can't find my copy of "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue", although I think it might be in the suitcase from Arisia. Not wildly certain, though. :P Playing FF3 on the DS probably more than I should, but am trying to be careful not to aggrivate the tendonitis in the thumb. The SportsMed doctor keeps blowing it off as unimportant compared to my knees and ankles. You would think that he would remember by now that I'm left-handed! *grumble* We still don't know when we're leaving for the con, but I hope to go on Thurs. evening, since Friday looks like the wrong day for me to drive, overall. :P

*hugs* y'all,

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