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This was Lunacon Recovery Week...

We had a good time at Lunacon, although once again, I couldn't do nearly as much as I wanted to. Missed panels I wanted to be at, did attend one reading, which was quite good. Now I seem to be back to my normally abnormal schedule, seeing as it's past 5am. Will have to go to sleep earlier the next 'couple nights, so that I'll be awake for my Physical Therapy appointments this week. Jeremy, of course, was in the game room, for those of you who didn't know that. (not many, I know!;-)

Spent a lot of time just sitting and chatting with people, which was not a bad thing to do, overall. Sunday night we went out, with a few of my cousins, for dinner. I was all demented being that I didn't sleep Sat. night due to my own stupidity...I was in a comfy chair and had something to read, and I'd wrecked the magnetic strip on a SECOND room key. *heh* (duh, don't put room key next to walkie talkieses or magnetite bracelets. ;-)

Right now I'm reading "Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter" by Blaize Clement. Seems to be quite a good book thus far, but I was distracted by the weekend issue of TIME magazine, and the month's new issue of Nintendo Power. ;-) Why am I awake? I haven't a clue. Going to the dentist this afternoon for some more fillings might be why, but it doesn't seem to be the main reason.

Still attempting to burn off a "mad-at-the-universe" mood. With the Lipedema, I suddenly despise ads for shorts, shoes, and, of course, any other leg "beautifying" thing. *snork* Kohls and Old Navy are both on my list of places I don't want to shop because their ads piss me off. Hopefully, I'll get everything together to call MassHealth about where to get the compression stockings before we leave this afternoon for the dentist. Other'n that, I need to start working on the birthday presents for my father and sister. *ugh* Money? What's That?

Well, I should probably just leave at this point, before the rant gets more bitter...I have a bazillion health forms to fill out for Social Security sometime this week, just to add beaurocracy to my delights. :P

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