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Overtired me just sort of babbling. I have something like 700 emails or so to go through, hopefully most of them will go straight to the junk mail folder. ;-) But at least they're downloadable. Started rereading old Emma Lathen mystery books that my dad brought up from his place. Apparently his current plan is to get us kids to slowly go through various things as he drags them up here. *wry grin* That way, in a year or so, he'll be ready to move into a retirement community. :P Naturally, some of the books are a bit humidity damaged, since he lives near Buzzard's Bay. However, since they were what I started reading around 4th/5th grade or so, I am going to be having fun rereading them.

oh, and a random desire for more Peeps. ;-) And the panorama eggs. *wry grin* I'll hopefully get over it soon, though. If not, I'll at least have some pink Peeps left over from the 50% off sale. ;-) Gotta ration them carefully, though.

Jeremy's at the new warehouse these days, so he doesn't have to leave for work quite so early in the evening. Means I have a vague chance of being able to go out in the early evenings for the next week or two while they move everything over from the old warehouse. (such fun. Not.)

Random other craving: An order from so that I can get a few books that are firsts in serieses to the ones I got at Lunacon, as well as some more healthy snack food. (Healthy-ish, anyway, but yards better than potato chips.) For the time being, I have some cashews, at least.
Looking also for a manual to "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody" if someone's done with it...preferably Nintendo Power-type manual, but any one will do. (for the Nintendo GameCube.) I'm trying, at least in part, to figure out if my female lead character can try to woo a female character, instead of the male ones, which are not nearly as cute in comparison. ;-)

Kinda bleah and sleepy, but thought I should at least put something up since I'm finally at the computer so it's easier to type a longer entry. (not that there's a lot IN it, but still. Still rather sad, but am trying to plug along anyway. Final number of emails yet to read once the junque is filed is'll likely take me a few days.

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