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What the heck? '-)

Was reading an article on a medical website about bipolar disorder and similar things that was given exclusivety by the FDA. That means that the medication at this point in time in its trials is approved for use by children. Then the disclaimer at the end is "Keep out of reach of children"! I mean, I guess I know what they mean by that, but it is just one of the many bizzare things that I've found out over time. (I may be describing things wrong, too. Risperedal is the drug in question)

Finding out more about how my brain works is neat, even though it's scary that some doc should have figured this out in the early '80s and then I would have been fine enough now on a maintenance dose of something or other. Being the youngest in my family, I have to wonder whether my mother was more like me than I thought... Well, can't ask her without a time machine and various other not necessarily good ideas are wandering in and out of my head. I've still got a lot of anger at a lot of people in my past that could have gotten me the treatment I needed whilst I was still young. But, to be brutally fair, I didn't think I had it for many years. But it seems like it started fairly early in my life. If someone had bothered to explain things a few years ago, instead of just trying random drugs in random combinations, I'd probably have agreed with the diagnosis. :P

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