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Nope, no power problems here!

Except with my own body, of course! *wry grin* I tried to go to bed early this morning, but it just wasn't working. *bleah* I've a noon appointment at the chiropractor's so I can't be staying up too much later, but I had an urge to ramble, and, as y'all may have realized by now, ramble I shall. *muahaha*

My credit card seems to be being eaten up by the iTunes Music Store this week. So far I've bought:
Genesis:The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Oingo Boingo: Dead Man's Party
and Fiddler on the Roof. :-)
(Why yes, I do have rather long-ranging musical tastes, why do you ask? It goes well beyond that limit.:-)

Drove to the truck stop the other night in a fit of absolute frustration at CVS for not letting my father telephone in a credit card to pay for my much-needed medications. Anyone have a lead on a pharmacy that will let him do that for me? (seeing as he's in Dartmouth and I'm in Medford, it's not like he wants to come up every month to get my drugs for me!) I swear I spent a 'couple HOURS on the 'phone between the local CVS and the folks....bunch o'nutters. *grumblegrowls*
...only problem is that I need the pharmacy to be 24-hr one if possible, due to my constantly shifting sleep schedule. :P

We've had a brief talk with the couch lump, and he's going to try to come up with the cash, or the goods, next week. (I don't know why not *this* week, but I didn't want to ask.) We'll see what he comes back with when/if he shows up today.

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