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MASSFILC questions, and random stuff.

I'm looking for someone willing to give me a ride to Gary's for the monthly meeting. I'm also looking for someone to ride/drive with down to Conterpoint. I can only drive automatic, but I've been told I passenger fairly well, too. Also, unsurprisingly I'm looking for crash space in the hotel for Conterpoint, as well. :P My finances are unknowable at this stage...(still waiting to hear about SSI)

There is good news, though. Despite my fouled-up body, Jeremy and I went last Monday night to a place in Somerville called "Good Times Emporium". Muchly big, fun, place. It's part sports bar, part arcade. and part I Don't Know What. ;-) We especially enjoyed the horse racing game...quite complex, yet both relatively easy to get into and enjoy. Perhaps some Monday or Sunday ppl could join us there. (I'm definitely not coherent enough to do the scheduling myself, though. ):

Just a short babble tonight...I really should have been asleep about an hour ago. :P

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