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Well, Jeremy`s great-uncle died last weekend. This, naturally caused us to spend a bit of time in a funeral home. :p Wake monday, funeral tuesday. Promply thereafter, I come down with the most vicious cold that I`ve had in a very long time. On top of those things, I end up having a seriously bad case of mad at all the Mother`s Day advertisements. (hint- if I sent my mother a card, and she opened it in front of me -I`d be running for the hills! )-:

I`m reading an interesting book called "a Lifelong Journey". It has given me some very interesting ideas on how to cope. The one problem is that there are bits of Australian slang. "off the rails" for example. I think I figured that out from a song by Morrisey, but only partially. There are three or four that I cannot fathom.

Jeremy did put in the air conditioner fri. morning so at least we aren't boiling any more. Now, of course, the doctor suggested a humidifier, something to worry about when we have money again. bleah!

I`m so dammably cranky right now, I feel like I`m going to explode! Naturally, I don't have time right now for that. :p But at least I know the cold will go away relatively soon. Right now I`m going to take my antihistamine and read a little bit while it gets into my system. Big hugs everyone!

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