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Birds Are Noisy

I thought that I'd have been asleep hours ago. Bah Humbug. Still too many unpleasant things going on inside my head. :( I went to sleep tues night at 8p.m. Now I can't seem to sleep at all. Still way too much angst in me. :(

I did get some wonderful news this afternoon - my best friend back home is going to be legally married to his husband late this summer. That's excellent news, but the budget I have now, for various reasons is even tighter than it already was.


I need more jello, and pudding since I see a (hopefully) better dentist at noon. Well, we might get it after dentist, it is more important that Jeremy gets some sleep before work tomorrow night.

Sudden ice cream craving... grr. He's doing the shopping this morning too. I hate being inconvenient. Well, maybe I'll just take him home afterwards, then get ice cream at drugstore with ( I Hope ) a perscription for pain meds. I think I'll end here before I end up feeling even worse.

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