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Well, too much excitement lately. Got yet ANOTHER tooth extracted yesterday, and am in yet More pain and/or inability to eat solid food. Grr. Anyone who's bored can bring me jello. *wry grin* It also looks like I made a typo in my last post, but I'll deal with that sometime when I'm not on heavy painkillers. Dr. Mohamed is a fairly good dentist, and cute, but she managed to chip the tooth next to the one she extracted, so more owie. Of course, the office isn't open on Friday, so I don't know when I'll be able to talk to her. Thankfully, my G.P. was finally convinced that I needed percocet, so I should be able to sleep a lot, if nothing else. Phone calls are welcome, but I don't guarantee coherence.

Jeremy's birthday went ok, if rather too active so he couldn't sleep as much as he wanted to. That's all from here for now...hope everyone's lives are quieter than mine!

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