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Some random news&stuff

Well, still haven't found a sedation dentist yet, but the pain is down a bit, for as-yet unknown long as I don't eat too much solid food. I had popcorn tonight, though. :p Strange craving to have in the midst of dental trauma, but I still have a tiny bit left of cookiedough. :) More various forms of ice creams are also good as temporary numbing agents. I was good, and didn't finish half the popcorn, but left some for Jeremy. Btw, haagen-daz chocolate peanut butter is divine.

In other interesting news, a cousin of ours seems to think that our grandmother on my mother's side might have also had lipedema. Something about her always wearing long skirts, even once they were out of style, amongst many other things. If so, it's proof positive that my sister, 42, and I, 40, were right to not have children. (which makes this disorder worse after each kid. hormonal changes, etc.)

I'm an evil sister, btw. Told my sister some of my bipolar 2 symptoms, and commented that she might want to check with her G.P. :/

mmm. Sleepy but still rather mildly cranky. Mayhaps I'll finish the ice cream after all, then read for a bit of a while.

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